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Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume 4

Book of the Initiation—Time & The Hidden Order, Consciousness & Its Transmission
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Paperback Book
Law of Time Press
May, 2005
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Using as a foundation a sequence of 260 two-hour galactic mind transmissions, the Cosmic History Chronicles are a system of thought and technique to be learned and applied in order that the human being can take the next steps on the road of evolution into a holographic perceptual system. Through the Cosmic History Chronicles—received through Valum Votan--Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor (and focalizer of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987)—the great gift of the Law of Time is ripened into a vehicle of universal upliftment, propelling us into our next stage of spiritual-mental evolution.

The seven volume chronicles will be time-released, one volume per year, for the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone (2004-2011).  

From the preface:

In the case of Cosmic History, you are being presented with an entirely new model of reality, a new galaxy and a new method for knowing so you have to be aware of subtle issues—the nature of the mind, what is perceived and how the mind processes what is perceived… You have to pull the hooks of the present world model out of your own habits of thinking or ways of viewing things. Only in this way can you actually be ready to consider a new perspective or a new model of reality…

With continued effort the discipline of studying Cosmic History begins to have a cumulative qualitative effect that increasingly elevates your everyday consciousness into a fourth-dimensional perception of reality…  This process itself is the effect of Cosmic History. By this we mean that the words or the phrase “Cosmic History” refers to a type of mental experience, a quality or state of mind of the cosmic field of perception.

These considerations are merely to help you get to a point where you are able to understand and appreciate that we are dealing with a radically “newer” form of reality than has yet been presented to the human species. It is important to know how to approach the new information templates of Cosmic History in a receptive way so they can impress and imprint you.

Other books by Arguelles include Time and the Technosphere and Earth Ascending. More info:

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December 21, 2012, marks the grand planetary initiation - not an end in itself but a new beginning. Living on Earth at this unprecedented time is in itself an initiatic process. Individually and collectively, we face a labyrinthian landscape of information bombardment and artificial experience that disconnects us from Source. The fourth volume of the seven-part Cosmic History Chronicles explains how to escape from the web of virtual reality by entering a new labyrinth that leads to the cosmic self. With over 70 color graphics. 255 pp.

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