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The Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume 5

Book of the Timespace: Time and Society
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Paperback Book
Law of Time
July, 2009
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We are entering a new timespace. We will no longer be the same human. We are being changed into something new. A radical shift and evolution of the human species is about to occur. We shall become something we cannot imagine now.

As a species we are now going very quickly from the psychically fractured
timespace of the clock to an integral timespace where our minds and bodies are synchronized with the cosmic cycles of the universe. This fifth volume of the projected seven-volume series explores the cosmic meaning of timespace as the medium of psychic and social organization focusing on the nature of society in relation to the Absolute. Visions of Tollan,
and Utopia illumine the investigation of an enduring archetypal order and the effect of timing programs on the human psyche, especially as we move into an era of galactic synchronization and cosmic consciousness. A special feature of this text is the presentation of the 21 Archetypes of Hunab Ku—a new, psychically transfiguring means of exploring the post-2012 timespace that now awaits us.

Any timespace is a mind-based reality. Our collective self-perception creates the look and tone of the timespace we project, live and move in.  What we call “reality” is merely a collectively held belief system that organizes the timespace in a specific way and then deems it “normal.”  In this perception, anything that does not conform to this timespace is considered a “deviation” in need of rehabilitation. Of course, as the social structures become more dissipative at the closing of the cycle, there are more “deviants.” This only tells us it is time for an archetypal renewal.

Among José Arguelles’ other books (in addition to other volumes in the Cosmic History Chronicles) are Time and the Technosphere and The Mayan Factor. For a deeper look, visit



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