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Cosmic Karma Game

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August, 2015
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Enter the Earth Realm and immerse yourself in the world of karma! Collect good karma as fast as you can while avoiding bad. Acquire the tools you'll need to develop your skills: torches (intuition), swords (reason), and wands (action). Meditate in the Temple of the Torch and break habits in the Temple of the Sword. Maneuver around the Pit and don't relapse when encountering fear or ego! Strategize. Collect and use Free Will Cards to expand your options.

At the end of a physical lifetime, transition to the Spirit Realm where you reflect the past and plan the future. Re-enter the Earth Realm when and where it's most advantageous. The first player to eliminate all negative karma, collect all master tools, and return to Cosmic Consciousness wins the game.

Playable on many levels:

  • As a game of chance and strategy--entertaining and absorbing
  • As a metaphysical tool--provokes reflection on a variety of cosmologies
  • As a self-help tool--stimulates personal insight
  • As a spiritual tool-reveals the role of karma in the soul's journey

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