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The Cosmic Serpent

DNA and the Origins of Knowledge
Paperback Book
April, 1999
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Banyen's Description: 

How have Amazonian indigenous peoples figured out some of the exceedingly complex botanical mysteries and mixtures, which become medicines, such as curare? How do they know so much about the properties of the jungle?

According to my hypothesis, shamans take their consciousness down to the molecular level and gain access to biomolecular information. But what actually goes on in the brain/mind of an ayahuasquero when this occurs? What is the nature of a shaman’s communication with the animate essences of nature? The clear answer is that more research is needed in consciousness, shamanism, molecular biology, and their interrelatedness.

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby’s fascinating pioneering work takes the frontier of science another leap forward toward understanding the primary enigma of our time—the role of consciousness in the evolutionary pattern of the universe.

“This is the most exciting book I have read in years. Narby revisits the foundations of molecular biology with the help of an Amazon visionary vine (ayahuasca), shamans, and myth.... spellbinding, scholarly.... Readers should be prepared never to look at life on this planet in the same way they have before.” —Michael Harner, author of The Way of the Shaman



“Leaves the reader with the stunning intimation that the ayahuascan view of the world is none other than the scientific view seen from another perspective, that of selfhood rather than of no self at all.” —Francis Huxley

Publisher’s Description: 

A personal adventure, a fascinating study of anthropology and ethnopharmacology, and, most important, a revolutionary look at how intelligence and consciousness come into being.

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