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Cosmos And Psyche

Intimations of New World View
Paperback Book
April, 2007
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Banyen's Description: 

Tarnas now heads the graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies. His The Passion of the Western Mind sets the stage for this major work (30 years in the making!) that dramatically reframes our understanding of the universe in the light of extraordinary new evidence.

Cosmos and Psyche is the first book by a respected scholar to demonstrate the existence of a consistent correspondence between planetary movements and the unfolding drama of human history. A vast and impressive body of evidence illuminates patterns of meaning and precise correlations between the universe and the world of human endeavor. With meticulous detail, Tarnas takes us on a journey that begins with the ancient Greeks and culminates in our own era and its transformative potential, putting into perspective these chaotic, tumultuous times—from the Sixties to September 11, 2001—and pointing the way toward the future.

In terms of planetary cycles, our present moment in history is most comparable to the period 500 years ago—that era of “extraordinary turbulence and creativity,” the High Renaissance. Not since Copernicus conceived the heliocentric theory has the human community faced such a profound realignment of the way we think. Readers of every persuasion will be impressed by the vast canvas here, the wealth of research and analysis, and the profound conclusions that may be drawn—suggesting a new possibility for reuniting religion and science, soul and intellect, ancient wisdom and modern reason.

Cosmos and Psyche addresses the crisis of the modern self and modern world view, and then introduces a body of evidence, a method of inquiry, and an emerging cosmological perspective that I believe could help us creatively engage that crisis, and our history itself, within a new horizon of possibility. I hope this book will point toward an enlarged understanding of our evolving universe, and of our own still-unfolding role within it.

 “Breathtaking in the scope and scale of its vision, this extraordinary book shatters our cosmological assumptions as it awakens us to a living universe and its creative intelligence… It discerns the archetypal pulse of history. Spellbinding, eloquent, compelling, Cosmos and Psyche will be a marker for an entire generation.” —Christopher Bache, author of Dark Night, Early Dawn

Publisher’s Description: 

Tarnas demonstrates the existence of a consistent correspondence between planetary movements and the unfolding of human history. He maintains the present is most comparable to the period 500 years ago, an era of extraordinary turbulence and creativity.

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