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The Creativity Book

A Year's Worth of Inspiration and Guidance
Paperback Book
June, 2000
$16.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Whether you’re a painter or a human resources manager, a novelist or an information services specialist, says Eric Maisel, whatever you do, creativity helps you do it better and with more satisfaction. In this ideal “New Year’s” book, Maisel presents a complete one-year plan for unleashing your creativity. It includes two discussions/exercises per week, and culminates in a guided project of your choice—from working on your current novel, play or symphony to planning a new home business or building that dream website.

Any job can be done more creatively and any life can be lived more creatively. What’s required are certain changes: that you begin to think of yourself as creative, that you use your imagination and your mind more, that you become freer but also more disciplined, that you approach the world with greater passion and curiosity.

This book is designed to help you make these  changes by guiding you through an exploration of creativity’s many facets. Over the next year, as you engage with this book, you’ll learn some new things about silence, risks, mystery, even about love... you’ll benefit greatly from thinking about these things and engaging, nurturing, and working on your creativity. In the process you’ll grow a lot.

These are playful, sometimes challenging, and adventurously self-revealing exercises. They will jump-start your Art Muscles. Pithy quotes accompany and inspire.

Among Eric Maisel’s other books are Fearless Creating and A Life in the Arts.

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