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Crystal Tower Rainbow Moonstone

Crystals + Prisms
May, 2021
$40.00 CAD
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Publisher’s Description: 

Crystal Tall Tower, Rainbow Moonstone ~ 6-6.5"

Crystals have been used over the centuries for a myriad of purposes - from healing to protection to decoration. In feng shui, crystals are widely used for the specific energy, or the vibrations they bring to your home or office.

Towers are designed to stand up with the point facing up. Energy is directed upward towards the point and outward. With their flat base they are able to free stand on any flat surface. Crystal towers are also wonderful Generator crystals and can be used in grid layouts as the central stone

Be sure to place your crystals in good energy areas, such as your dining, living room or main entry table, your bookshelves and, of course, your altar. Crystals are also used in feng shui in a variety of ways, all with one single goal - to create good feng shui energy in your home. 

Each crystal tower is unique and one of a kind, and extra tall. Packaged in a clear bag with tower descriptions. This is a very very pretty stone.

Moonstone helps us with new energy, going in new directions and providing protection as we travel a new path. Promotes a healthy optimism and can sustain one through dark times. Recommended for those who suffer from stress or who carry old emotional wounds.

Moonstone is often associated with love, passion and fertility; it is believed to bring great luck.

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