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Cultivating Peace

Becoming a 21st-Century Peace Ambassador
Paperback Book
Shift Books
May, 2012
$17.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Penned by a world-renowned social healer and peacemaker, this guide provides strategies for navigating disagreements in conflict situations of any type—within oneself, between family members, in the workplace, or between nations or religions. The study offers an integral approach to the field of building peace, covering its often-ignored cultural, spiritual, and scientific dimensions in one volume. Ideal for psychologists, negotiators, peace activists, educators, business leaders, and clergy, this handbook presents a unique set of profound tools and perspectives needed for fostering peace in the 21st century. Topics covered include how to navigate conflict with wisdom and effectiveness, develop the essential skills of a social healer, learn lessons from the new “science of peace,” and connect with an inspiring community of “peace builders” worldwide.

We are wired to explore, initiate, and create.

From the personal to the planetary, we are finding that individuals, communities, nations, and their systems can undergo radical transformation and change what once seemed inescapable facts of destiny. But to do so requires dedication to constant renewal and teh cultivation of frsh insight into what is working and not working. This is equally true for the summoning of courage, which is to be steadfastly cultivated. We need constant courage to address the shadow side of our progress and the wounds we transmit from generation to generation...

My friends, are you ready to be the change?

"One of the most important and profound books of our time. At once tough and tender, this masterpiece is the finest map I know to the transformation of self and civilization." —Jean Houston, founder of the field of Social Artistry

James O’Dea is a past president of the Institute for Noetic Sciences and the co-director of the Social Healing Project.

Publisher’s Description: 

This profound guidebook reframes and expands the mission of building a global culture of peace. Going far beyond conventional techniques of conflict resolution, James ODea provides a holistic approach to peace work, covering its oft-ignored cultural, spiritual, and scientific dimensions while providing guidance suitable even for those who have never considered themselves peacebuilders. ODea is unique in his ability to integrate personal experience in the worlds violent conflict zones with insights gathered from decades of work in social healing, human rights advocacy, and consciousness studies. Following in the footsteps of Gandhi and King, ODea keeps the dream of peace alive by teaching us how to dissolve old wounds and reconcile our differences. He strikes deep chords of optimism even as he shows us how to face the heart of darkness in conflict situations. His soulful but practical voice speaks universally to peace activists, mediators, negotiators, psychologists, educators, businesspeople, and clergyand to everyday citizens.

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