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Cure Back Pain

80 Personalized Easy Exercises for Spinal Training to Improve Posture, Eliminate Tension and Reduce Stress
Paperback Book
Robert Rose
March, 2016
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Using the latest advances in the science of movement, this book offers the unique and innovative Spinal Training method to help prevent and alleviate back pain. And in addition to strengthening your back, Spinal Training will also improve your posture, eliminate tension, reduce your stress response and diminish pain.

Drawing from Pilates, yoga, physical therapy and others and based on the principles of osteopathy, biomechanics and kinesiology, this holistic approach makes it possible for effective and gentle work to be done on the areas that are the most important for reducing back pain and enhancing good posture for a healthy back.

Full-color throughout with lavish and clear illustrations of the back's anatomy, this book features step-by-step photos with 80 exercise routines that meet the requirements for a healthy back. These routines can be customized with the self-assessment exercise provided. Thus the exercises can
focus precisely on each person's specific needs and desired outcome.

The Spinal Training method can be used by anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Each training plan can be individually adapted to the nature of the specific pain, for any type of posture, degree of flexibility, muscle strength, or the time available to regain normal back strength.

Whether the goal is to simply maintain a healthy and happy back or to reduce and eliminate pain, this books offers the right tools to make the back feel better, no matter what the condition may be.

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