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Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance - 2nd Edition

Paperback Book
Human Kinetics
September, 2013
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Publisher’s Description: 

Renowned master teacher Eric Franklin has thoroughly updated his classic text,Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance, providing dancers and dance educators with a deep understanding of how they can use imagery to improve their dancing and artistic expression in class and in performance.

These features are new to this edition:

Two chapters include background, history, theory, and uses of imagery.

294 exercises offer dancers and dance educators greater opportunities to experience how imagery can enhance technique and performance.

133 illustrations facilitate the use of imagery to improve technique, artistic expression, and performance.

Four exercises taught by Franklin and available on HKs website help dancers with essential rest and relaxation techniques.

Franklin provides hundreds of imagery exercises to refine improvisation, technique, and choreography. The 295 illustrations cover the major topics in the book, showing exercises to use in technique, artistic expression, and performance. In addition, Franklin supplies imagery exercises that can restore and regenerate the body through massage, touch, and stretching. And he offers guidance in using imagery to convey information about a dancers steps and to clarify the intent and content of movement.

This new edition ofDance Imagery for Technique and Performancecan be used with FranklinsDynamic Alignment Through Imagery, Second Edition, or on its own. Either way, readers will learn how to combine technical expertise with imagery skills to enrich their performance, and they will discover methods they can use to explore how imagery connects with dance improvisation and technique.

Dance Imagery for Technique and Performanceuses improvisation exercises to help readers investigate new inner landscapes to create and communicate various movement qualities, provides guidelines for applying imagery in the dance class, and helps dancers expand their repertoire of expressiveness in technique and performance across ballet, modern, and contemporary dance.

This expanded edition of Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance supplies imagery tools for enhancing or preparing for performance, and it introduces the importance of imagery in dancing and teaching dance. Franklins method of using imagery in dance is displayed throughout this lavishly illustrated book, and the research from scientific and dance literature that supports Franklins method is detailed.

The text, exercises, and illustrations make this book a practical resource for dancers and dance educators alike.

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