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Daring to Trust

Opening Ourselves to Real Love and Intimacy
Paperback Book
July, 2011
$22.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

According to psychotherapist David Richo, all the major relationship struggles are fundamentally trust issues, whether it’s fear of commitment, fear of abandonment, communication problems, jealousy, or a tendency to be controlling. In Daring to Trust, he explores the importance of trust throughout our emotional lives: how it develops in childhood and how it becomes an essential aspect of healthy adult relationships.

The opposite of trust is not mistrust. It is despair because we have given up on believing that safety and fulfillment are possible. We have lost our hope in fellow humans. Trusting was our first need. Perhaps it became our worst fear. In the venture of growing as adults in relationship, it is our finest risk. One of the things we notice when we enter an intimate relationship is that trust is required if it is to work. If we never learned to trust others to begin with, we will be bewildered and notice that we are in over our heads.

 Richo emphasizes that developing trust in others begins by developing true trust in ourselves—in our feelings, our body, and in our inner voice—and he offers practical exercises for exploring and enhancing our sense of trust. His writing is enlivened by well chosen selections from poetry, literature and Jungian thought, and he also draws on his familiarity with Buddhist practice.

Topics include how we learn to trust in relationships; why we fear trusting; how to know if someone is trustworthy; what to do when trust is broken; developing trust in ourselves as the basis for trusting others.

“Filled with informative quizzes and fact-based assessments… offers a great deal of real-world advice governing adult relations, especially regarding modern romance in a shifting world.” —Publishers Weekly

David Richo is also author of the perennially useful How to Be an Adult.

Publisher’s Description: 

Most relationship problems are essentially trust issues, explains psychotherapist David Richo. Whether its fear of commitment, insecurity, jealousy, or a tendency to be controlling, the real obstacle is a fundamental lack of trustboth in ourselves and in our partner.

Daring to Trust offers key insights and practical exercises for exploring and addressing our trust issues in relationships. Topics include:

How we learn early in life to trust others (or not to trust them)
Why we fear trusting
Developing greater trust in ourselves as the basis for trusting others
How to know if someone is trustworthy
Nave trust vs. healthy, adult trust
What to do when trust is broken

Ultimately, Richo explains, we must develop trust in four directions: toward ourselves, toward others, toward life as it is, and toward a higher power or spiritual path. These four types of trust are not only the basis of healthy relationships, they are also the foundation of emotional well-being and freedom from fear.

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