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Dark Night

Reclaiming the Discarded Other on the Journey to Wholeness
Paperback Book
TCP Publishing
April, 2020
$14.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

The world is in a dark night. Imbalance in many areas of our lives—masculine and feminine, material and spiritual, conscious and unconscious—has contributed to immense suffering. To bring this incongruence into harmony, we must reclaim the discarded qualities we have seen as other than who we are. This is the quest of the perilous dark night journey. To heal our fragmented earth, we must first become whole individuals who are then capble of contributing to a whole world.

This book names the current dark night dis-ease and frames a process for navigating the passage. With a compelling blend of matter-of-fact and mystical, the author offers an optimistic alternative and provides practical pathways and coaching guidance to light the route to wholeness.

What readers say…

“A book that is relevant to this time in history when many of us are finding our lives in upheaval, and our futures uncertain.”

“Dark Night will be an immeasurable help on my personal journey. To know what it is and that others are involved is a comfort. The road signs, check lists and insights the book provides will keep me and other readers focused on where things stand.”

“Never has this message been more relevant than now. This is a very generous book. Beautifully written, easily accessible, and thoughtfully laid out.”

“Susan Wright is a master of holding the dark and the light, the paradoxes that plough up the earth for seeds to be sown for our transformation. There is an urgency and a contemplative atmosphere to this experiential guidebook offering the reader a gentle presence for healing.”

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