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A Day Of Signs And Wonders

Paperback Book
August, 2016
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Can your whole life change in a single day?

Emily dreams of birds. She feels constrained by nearly everythingher overbearing sisters, the expectation to be a proper young lady, and even her stiff white pinafore.

Kitty feels undone. Her heart is still grieving a tragic loss, and she doesnt want to be sent away to a boarding school so far away from home.

When the two girls meet by chance, on a beach on the outskirts of Victoria, BC, in 1881, neither knows that their one day together will change their lives forever.

Inspired by the childhood of acclaimed Canadian artist Emily Carr, A Day of Signs and Wonders is a sensitive and insightful look at friendship, family, and the foundations of an artist, drawn over the course of a single daya day in which a comet appears, an artist is born and an aching hole in one girls heart begins to heal.

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