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Dear Life

Paperback Book
Penguin Group Canada
October, 2013
$22.00 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

The fourteen stories in this brilliant collection show Alice Munro coming home to southwestern Ontario, with Toronto looming on the horizon. Even To Reach Japan, where a Vancouver mother takes her young daughter across the country by train, ends in Toronto. On that journey, different kinds of passion produce surprises, both on the journey and at its end.

The range of storytellers is astonishing, as we hear the young voices of women recalling their teenage years and the equally convincing voice of an old woman fighting Alzheimers. Margaret Atwood once shrewdly noted that pushing the sexual boundaries is distinctly thrilling for many a Munro woman, and very few of these stories deal with men and women in sedate, conventional domestic settings.

Munro admirers will see that these stories are shorter than many in her recent collections, but they have all the sharpness, accessibility, and power of her earlier work, and they areas always full of real people. The final four works (not quite stories) bring the author home, literally. She writes: "I believe they are the first and lastand the closest things I have to say about my own life."
Alice Munro has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2013.

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