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Dear Lover

A Woman's Guide to Men, Sex, and Love's Deepest Bliss
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
March, 2021
$38.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Every woman knows the fairy tale—find the right man, give him what he wants and needs, and he'll love you forever. But when the myth you've been asked to believe fails to deliver—when you sense you've been settling for far less than you know in your heart is possible—then how do you attract and keep a man capable of meeting what you most passionately yearn for?

In Dear Lover, David Deida explores every aspect of the feminine practice of spiritual intimacy, from sexuality and lovemaking, to family and career, to emotions, trust, and commitment.

Written as a collection of letters from a man to his "dear lover," here is this internationally acclaimed writer's invitation to practice love as a living art, as you discover:

• Why your man is always your choice—and how to pick the man of deep integrity who will satisfy the needs of your body, heart, and spirit

• "Sexual essence" and the three stages of loving: how to understand your fluctuating capacity to experience divine connection with another

• Knowing when to end a relationship and how to deal with the "him-shaped void" your absent man leaves behind

• Daily exercises to help you and your partner move from separation to openness in two-bodied devotional trust

Ultimately, what every woman wants is to give and receive love fully. Whether you're partnered or alone, Dear Lover reveals that "your love is the same love that yearns to open at everybody's heart. You will attract and inspire a man as willing and able to open as you are. Constant yearning is the call to open and give yourself to all as love's offering."

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