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The Death of You

A Book for Anyone Who Might Not Live Forever
Paperback Book
Wisdom Publications
September, 2019
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Ayoga teacher, punk rock bassist, and Buddhist teaches from experience on how approaching death and grief with a little more compassion and a little less fear will make for a better lifeand a better death, too.


Even the word itself probably makes you a little uncomfortable. Just look at it, sitting there, demanding to be acknowledged. It might even make you a lot uncomfortable.

We spend so much time trying to deny death, going on about our lives as if we and our loved ones are immune to it. Then, one day, its truth becomes undeniable. The Death of You doesnt flinch in looking into this vital, urgent matter. Join Miguel for a wild ride where we get real about deathand even have a few laughs at its expense.

If you might someday dieor if you know someone who willthis book is for you. If youre afraid of dying, this book is for you. If youre excited about the Great Unknown, this book is for you. In plainspoken, kind, and encouraging language, Miguel will show you how to transform your relationship with deathand in doing so, you'll get to know your life in a whole new way. Today is the perfect day to start. Dont waityoure not gonna live forever.

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