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Designed to Blossom Resource Book

A Friendly Place for Human Design Enthusiasts Wanting to Expand Their Understanding, Deepen Their Experiment and receive compassionate guidance--integrating humanistic psychology, the Gene Keys, and more
Paperback Book
Seal Pup Press
March, 2018
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Publisher’s Description: 

Full of simplicity, wisdom and kindness, this book is a fantastic resource for those who have:

  • explored Human Design elsewhere, but are longing for a nuanced, compassionate, relationally-grounded and paradox-embracing way of working with this powerful system 
  • wanted to bridge Human Design with Richard Rudd's Gene Keys, and Rudd's and Pitzal's Integral Human Design
  • already purchased the Designed to Blossom online course or Creative Workbook and would love some extra guidance and support. 
With a collaborative, fun and inquiry-loving spirit, Rosy's unique approach to Human Design will empower you to meet life head-on with vitality, and to respond to everyday (and very human!) challenges with creative grounding, emotional maturity and self-respect.

Here are just a few of the questions addressed in this Resource Book: 
  • What if I don't relate to (or like) part of my design?
  • Where does our energy come from? (the 'motor controversy')
  • Do I really have to sleep alone?
  • How can I discern a passionate response from an addiction?
  • How do I reconcile paradoxical teachers and teachings?
  • How do I deal with people freaking out when I say 'no'?
  • What do I do when a good invitation turns bad?
  • Can Human Design help people with serious psychological issues?
  • Can Emotional Beings ever experience magic & serendipity?
  • When is it time to let go of a painful, intimate relationship? 
  • How can Human Design and the Gene Keys help me navigate tricky relational scenarios?
  • Will Human Design make me rich?
  • Can my angry thoughts be felt long-distance?
  • Can Human Design & the Gene Keys help me with shame and trauma?
  • How can I stay true to myself when in a heated debate?
  • How do I trust myself when someone gives me Human Design advice, and... 
  • When is Human Design not helpful?


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