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Dialogues with Emerging Spiritual Teachers

Paperback Book
January, 2009
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Here is a fourteen-course meal of juicy interviews with contemporary spiritual teachers that “reveal that there is an increasing number of less well-known, unadorned ‘spiritual teachers, guides, and friends’ sharing with us powerful insights into eternal Truth and Light. This was once thought to be the exclusive domain of celebrated, highly visible gurus.”

These “Emerging Spiritual Teachers” are in many respects ordinary people. They are also spiritual emissaries of notable veracity, bringing forth in their own unique manner the underlying indivisibility of flesh and spirit. They have worked, or are working in a variety of occupations: a forest firefighter, a prosthetic shoemaker, a tour guide, school teachers, a federal prison inmate who was once on the “Ten Most Wanted” list, a housewife, and others. To lend some balance, I also include an adjunct professor of theology and two Ivy League graduates. Each teacher is uniquely suited to serve as a transformative spiritual agent... Whether or not these teachers, guides or friends are appropriate in your own case is for you to discover as you journey through these dialogues.

Among the fourteen “emergers” whose presence comes through in these dialogues are Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now), John Sherman (cohort of Gangaji), John de Ruiter, Elizabeth Klarich, Mira (wife of Poonjaji), Byron Katie, James Steinberg (cohort of Adi Da), Hanuman Das (cohort of Neemkaroli Baba), Jane Vennard and Saniel Bonder.

Liberation means the end of seeking, the end of time. Do you believe that you need more time to get there? That’s the perpetuation of the illusion. You don’t need any more time when you allow this moment to be as it is. The only difference between you and the master is that the master lives in complete alignment with what is. The Now is welcomed instead of resisted. —Eckhart Tolle

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