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The Diamond Cutter

The Buddha on Managing Your business and Your Life
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Paperback Book
September, 2009
$20.99 CAD
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With so much current interest in applying Buddhist principles to daily life, this book—now revised and enlarged in a 2009 edition—shows how to apply Buddhist principles to the marketplace and offers specific strategies for both business and personal success. Based on the Diamond Cutter Sutra, Roach’s personal experience as a Tibetan Buddhist monk, and his involvement in building a $100 million diamond business from scratch, this book deepens and expands the notion of wise conduct. He argues that it’s our impeccability of conduct and understanding of emptiness that brings us both inner and outer riches. Without any sentimentality or discussion of suffering, Roach instructs readers how to engage in “mental gardening” by replacing unskillful habits with more skillful and financially rewarding ones. The Diamond Cutter radically challenges many traditional assumptions about what it takes to bring about business success.

Presented in three layers, The Diamond Cutter first presents a translation of the Diamond Sutra itself, a text of conversations between the Buddha and his close disciple Subhuti. The second layer contains quotes from some of the best commentaries of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. And in the third layer, which is the main text, Roach presents his teachings and business strategies. He gives fresh insight into ancient wisdom by using examples from his own experience, offering readers a source of clarity and insight for those already familiar and those unfamiliar with Tibetan Buddhism.

The new edition includes 50 pages of “Diamond Cutter Success Stories,” firsthand accounts by people who have succeeded using the book.

Also by these authors is Karmic Management.

Publisher’s Description: 

The now classic work on Buddhism and business from the foremost American teacher of Tibetan Buddhism— reissued in a tenth anniversary edition with compelling case studies that showcase its principles in action around the globe.

With a unique combination of ancient and contemporary wisdom from Tibetan Buddhism, THE DIAMOND CUTTER presents readers with empowering strategies for success in their personal and professional lives. The book is presented in three layers. The first is a translation of The Diamond Sutra, an ancient text of conversations between the Buddha and his close disciple, Subhuti. The second contains quotes from some of the best commentaries in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. And the third layer, the main text, is the practical application of Buddhist philosophies to the world of business, based upon Geshe Michael Roach's seventeen-years of experience as an employee of the Andin International Diamond Corporation, a company that grew during his tenure from four employees to a world leader in the jewelry industry.
Roach’s easy style and spiritual understanding make THE DIAMOND CUTTER an invaluable source of timeless wisdom for those familiar or unfamiliar with Tibetan Buddhism. His focus on practical personal and business applications has resonated with and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals the world over since its original publication.

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