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Diary Of A Psychic

Shattering the Myths
Paperback Book
Hay House
July, 2003
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Banyen's Description: 

Sonia Choquette differs from other psychics in that she has developed her skills to see beyond predicting the future—she helps people find and deeply connect with their “soul” plan. In Diary of a Psychic, Sonia Choquette opens up her private journals and shares with us the absorbing story of her life. Shattering the soul-deadening myth that being psychic is weird, sinister, or at best reserved for the special or strange, she shares her own psychic journey, including the struggles she’s encountered along the way, with disarming candor and humour.

Gifted from birth, she was able to see beyond the veil of the inner workings of her family members’ friends’ and neighbours’ lives. While still a teenager she began to give readings, amazing her clients with her psychic insights. Seeking to deepen her skills she studied with two master spiritual teachers and began to see beyond predictions of the future... into the causes of the future. With the help of a group of spiritual guides who have been working with her since childhood, Sonia developed the ability to see the soul plan that each of us is born with. The closest thing to spiritual life coaching, Sonia Choquette’s work is eminently practical.

“It is a pleasure to endorse the work of Sonia Choquette. She is a highly talented psychic with a gift for helping people understand their life path.” —Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts



Among Sonia Choquette’s other books are True Balance and Trust Your Vibes.

Publisher’s Description: 

With the help of spiritual guides who have been working with her since childhood, Sonia Choquette developed the ability to see the soul plan with which each of us is born. It became her mission to put her clients' lives back on track, steering them through the tricky waters of romance, divorce, illness, high finance, sickness and death. She became a soul guide for "happy endings."So you think being psychic is just plain weird? By opening up her private journals, Sonia Choquette shows how the sixth sense is our natural God-given inner compass. Choquette reveals the struggles she has encountered in her own life journey - from growing up in a large Catholic family to becoming one of the world’s most profound new age psychics. She not only sees the future, she also sees a person’s life purpose. Sonia encourages readers to move past the fear of being psychic and start reaping the rewards!

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