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The Directory of Essential Oils

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Paperback Book
October, 2005
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While essential oils are safe in the hands of trained therapists, the consumer could be asking for trouble if not forewarned about their various properties. This comprehensive directory of essential oils—from Amyris to Ylang-Ylang—lists all those in popular use and many unusual ones less well known. Each oil is extensively categorized, containing entries such as a description of the aroma, history of the plant and its oil, mythology and ritual uses, chemical constituents, properties, precautions, mental and physical effects, effects on skin, and blends. An extensive glossary and blending chart are included as well.

A compilation such as this one can serve as an aid to the Aromatherapist when choosing appropriate oils for treatment. Yet since each person is a wondrous mixture of individual qualities, the therapeutic claims associated with each oil can often be more of a promise than a cure. Perhaps finally, healing comes through the therapist’s own intuition in pairing the oil with the client.

 “The research put into the production of this book is mind-boggling, making it the most comprehensive collection of facts relating to essential oils ever offered with aromatherapists in mind (earlier ones were very much geared to the perfume industry) and contains much information that is not readily available from other sources. This book is a ‘must’ for every aromatherapist’s bookshelf.” —The Aromatherapy Quarterly



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This practical directory of 83 essential oils contains everything that the student or practicing aromatherapist needs to know. The oils are extensively categorized in an easy-to-access format, with a breakdown of the oils aromas, chemical constituents and effects on mind and body.

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