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How Love and Psychedelics Broke a Clergyman Apart and Put Him Back Together
Paperback Book
Viriditas Press
September, 2018
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With the ending of a marriage, a career as a clergyman in the church, and the alluring promise of love, the author turns to psychedelics, sacred ceremony and psychotherapy to get his life back. During this process, he discovers how childhood trauma forced him to develop a false self in order to survive. His personality is dismantled as these sacred medicines reveal the truth to him. In the process, Sanguin presents evidence for the shocking prevalence of childhood trauma.

As I tracked the thread of frustration with love to its source in childhood, the great unraveling began… The mechanisms of denial and repression, as we’ll see, are stubborn. They were put in place for a good reason. That said, this isn’t everybody’s work to do, and psychedelics aren’t for everybody. But they are an invaluable aid for those, like me, who need to go deeper into why we limit ourselves so severely when it comes to matters of the heart.

Along the way, the author questions and ultimately undermines much conventional wisdom, including the sentimentalization of family, the rush to forgiveness as a cure all, and dogmatic Christianity. He supports the forgotten tradition in the gospels that authentic suffering and the acceptance of reality is the key to living a full and authentic life. The book is a testament, both to the importance of conscious integration of psychedelic experiences and to the healing power of these medicines when taken in the proper set and setting. By the end, we are given a model of healing which is not a quick fix, but rather one that honours the complexity of the human experience. This is a hopeful book that supports a growing body of research indicating that psychedelics as medicine hold one key to the healing and evolution of our species. 

The dignity of being human is that once we become aware, we can move on and participate in the emergence of a new future—one that is not determined by past trauma. This becomes clear on the medicine…

Healing is possible. It takes a dismantling of the life we thought was ours, a dying to “me” and a resurrection of “I”, again and again. With the time we have left we may make a true offering of our unrepeatable life to this beautiful world… It is possible to gain the freedom that is the fruit of taking radical responsibility for our lives.

Sanguin offers revealing personal stories as well as psychological, philosophical and spiritual insight suggesting that becoming trauma-informed is one key to the evolution of our humanity.

“Dismantled is a remarkable book of highly applicable wisdom. Bruce Sanguin has done much of the inner transformative work anyone interested in spiritual healing needs to do. Based on this inner work and his many years working with others, he brings to bear a powerful gift for elucidating essential insights and truths about the work of awakening, delivering it all in language both eloquent and accessible. Too often to count I marveled at sentences that jumped off the page with crystalline clarity. And just as often, I found myself nodding in agreement at experiences and insights that rang true and resonated personally. Brilliant.” —Stephen Gray, editor of Cannabis and Spirituality

Among Bruce Sanguin’s other books are The Way of the Wind and The Emerging Church.

Publisher’s Description: 

The author, a former clergyman, describes his healing journey with the help of psychedelics, sacred ceremony and psychotherapy. A marriage breakdown, the end of a career in the church and the allurement of love forced him to look at how early trauma impacted his life. With this as his starting point, Sanguin offers psychological, philosophical and spiritual insight suggesting that becoming trauma-informed is one key to the evolution of our humanity.

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