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Divine Love and Wisdom

The Portable New Century Edition
Paperback Book
Swedenborg Foundation Publishers
December, 2009
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"Divine Love and Wisdom" contains many rare treasures, not only for seekers of spiritual truth, but also for scientists exploring the reach and nature of human consciousness. There are few books that I would praise so highly."
—Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., host, Thinking Allowed

"Divine Love and Wisdom contains Swedenborg's major statement on two fundamental aspects of God's nature. These two basic cosmic forces intimately determine our life as human beings. "Love" denotes the vital, valuing, and active powers of the soul, deciding the ultimate goals of our thought and action. "Wisdom," by contrast, represents the cognitive power of the soul, providing the technical means for these goals' realization. Swedenborg's work shows how God is love and life itself, bestowing these gifts on all other creatures. This highly readable New Century Edition in George Dole's sensitive translation admirably reflects the coherence and consistency of Swedenborg's language, while Gregory Johnson's introductory essay on Swedenborg's Metaphysics of Creation offers a comprehensive guide to this important theological work."
—Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke.

In Divine Love and Wisdom, Swedenborg presents a vision of a universe so full of divinity that there is no room for sectarianism. He reaches out to the secular mind with a vision of order and beauty pregnant with meaning and direction and appeals to human experience and reflection in making the case for the presence of God's love and wisdom. Swedenborg outlines God's purpose in creating the natural universe, examining the means, structure, method, and goal of creation, providing a metaphysical base for a coherent, holistic existence.

This paperback edition is identical to the text of the hardcover edition of New Century Edition, which also includes Divine Providence (0-87785-480-7).

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