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Doors of Joy

19 Meditations for Authentic Living
Hardcover Book
February, 2014
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Zen and Tantra master, Daniel Odier, is back with a mind-expanding exploration of the true path to lasting joy.

The Doors of Joy: 19 Meditations for Authentic Living

We know from countless spirituality and self-help books that authentic joy has no object—it is truly free and boundless. And yet, try as we might, how many of us can say that joy is more than a fleeting feeling?

Daniel Odier’s approach, which is based in part on his study of Chinese Zen, is refreshingly straightforward. All it requires is a willingness to disengage from our habitual ways of thinking and practice being present throughout the day. He calls his method, “The Practice of Consciousness.” Its purpose is to unlock our spontaneity and recover our innocence and creativity.

He writes, “Consciousness manifests itself as presence. To work with presence is similar to learning a musical instrument. To enter this state, take a sensation such as the feel of your bare feet on the ground. Enter deeply into the contact; breathe by relaxing your abdomen; and after fifteen or twenty seconds, leave the sensation and return to your habitual mode. Doing this thirty, forty or fifty times a day allows us to enter into a deep acquaintance with sensation.”

With a nod to Aldous Huxley, whose book The Doors of Perception laid the groundwork for the psychedelic and sexual revolutions, Odier’s aim is nothing short of total human liberation. Still, he is realistic about the power that habit and our ingrained ways of operating in the world has over us. The 19 meditations in The Doors of Joy are designed to loosen their grip and give joy an opening in our lives.

With The Doors of Joy, Daniel Odier has discovered the trip-wire that keeps us from experiencing lasting joy and he gives us the tool kit that will bring it back into our lives for good.

Daniel Odier was born in Geneva in 1945. He is best-known as the author of a Lolita-esque series of novels published in France under the pseudonym Delacorta. His book of sexual mysticism, Tantric Quest, was an international bestseller.

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