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For Answers
Paperback Book
Green Magic {GMAGI}
March, 2008
$26.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Dowsing for Answers opens up a whole new world of dowsing. As well as teaching you the basics of how to dowse, the author demonstrates how you can: find answers to pressing personal questions find the foods that suit you best discover allergies discover which remedies are most suitable for you Learn how you can use a pendulum as a tool to diagnose illness and to send healing. There are chapters dealing with all aspects of modern life that impact on you and how you can mitigate their effects by analysis with dowsing.People everywhere are becoming concerned about the presence of chemicals in their food and beauty products, radiation from their mobile phones, and the side effects of artificial sweeteners and food colorings. Now you can dowse for answers! This guide takes readers through the basics of dowsing and leads them on to solving everyday problems. Whether it is the most beneficial medicine or plant to treat an illness, diagnosing car trouble or finding fresh drinking water, dowsing offers something for everyone. 270 pp. March.

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