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Drawing The Light From Within

Keys to Awaken Your Creative Power
Paperback Book
August, 1997
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Banyen's Description: 

This beautiful, inviting book from Judith Cornell, author of Mandala: Luminous Symbols of Healing, has on its cover an image symbolizing the open, unconditionally loving heart. “In the East, it is called the heart chakra. When our heart is open, it becomes possible to access inspired states of creativity and manifest the beauty and inner light of the soul. The exercises in this book teach you to awaken your original soul gifts of creativity from a place of love, wisdom, and joy.”

Visionary artist Judith Cornell here offers eleven easily learned and well articulated lessons to help you unlock your creative potential through a variety of approaches to “painting with light.” This large-format workbook is visually rich with lots of pictures which give a glimpse of the unlimited potential, beauty, and genius present within every human being. As Georg Feuerstein says in his foreword:

Only through deep self-knowledge do we gain the kind of transparency that renders us pervious to the light within us. Then we also drop the solid walls by which we ordinarily defend ourselves against the light and the beauty in others. What nobler task could there be for art?

“Practical exercises that can connect consciousness to the rich, empowering world of the imagination, thus releasing latent creative powers. With subtle suggestion, Judith Cornell opens avenues to the light body that pulses at the core of creativity.” —Marion Woodman, author of Dancing in the Flames

“Seldom does one find in one book an experience where the mind is stimulated, the heart is opened and touched, and the spirit uplifted… This is a guidebook and manual for applied vision and creativity that is not to be missed.” —Angeles Arrien

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