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Visualizations for Self-Empowerment
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Dream Healer
January, 2006
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This popular DVD is based on Adam’s bestselling books DreamHealer and DreamHealer 2Guide to Self-Empowerment. It features 14 dynamic interactive healing visualizations with narrations by Adam, colourful art animations by Ivan Rados, and music by Ajith Nanayakkara.

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This DVD is based on Adam's best selling books "DreamHealer" and "DreamHealer 2 Guide to Self-Empowerment". It contains 35mins of animation narrated by Adam. There are 14 dynamic interactive visualizations to work with. This DVD offers many colorfull visualizations for a wide variety of ailments and is an aid to those who may have trouble with visualization therapy. The visualizations are setup in an easy sequence of events and bright colors.

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