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DreamHealer - Heal Yourself

Dream Healer
June, 2011
$21.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Adam is the young Vancouver-based “dreamhealer”, whose books, personal healings, and large-scale healing-and-learning events continue to attract and help many people.

Dreamhealer Heal Yourself continues from where Adam’s first DVD, Dreamhealer Visualizations, leaves off—continuing to guide you in your healing program.

Complete with 11 new dynamic visualizations it complements, though doesn’t repeat, the 14 general visualizations presented in the first DVD. Dreamhealer Heal Yourself also features Adam presenting material about healing and self-improvement—such as the fat-burner visualization for weight loss. An interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Adam is also included. A closing meditation with amazing music from Galalisa Star is led by Adam.

Among Adam’s other titles are The Path of the Dreamhealer and Dreamhealer Books 1 & 2.

Publisher’s Description: 

DreamHealer - Heal Yourself is a continuation of Adam Dreamhealer's first DVD as it furthers your understanding of healing. It is intended to complement Visualizations for Self-Empowerment, rather than replace or update. As such, none of the material in Adam's first DVD is repeated in his new one. In Heal Yourself Adam explains the steps to creating your wellness through energy healing and visualizations. He jumpstarts your healing experience by preparing you to participate in a workshop in group energy healing. You will also feel more comfortable knowing how to connect remotely to the energy healing at the workshops.

Heal Yourself has 11 new dynamic interactive visualizations to assist your healing. This DVD includes a 10-minute musical meditation and a never-before viewed interview with Adam, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Edgar Mitch. The running time is 75 minutes, the format NTSC (it works on both TVs and computers).

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