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Dreaming While Awake

Techniques for 24-Hour Lucid Dreaming
Paperback Book
Hampton Roads
October, 2002
$26.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

One of the most fascinating and perceptive of contemporary teachers, Arnold Mindell left behind laurels in Jungian psychology and physics to found the
school of
Process Oriented Psychology
. In Dreaming While Awake, he explores how “Dreaming” is the basis of human consciousness; we do it all day, every day. Subtle signs or events of particular meaning that we tend to miss, ignore, or misinterpret during waking hours become the seeds of our night dreams. These dreams, then, are often elaborations of the subtle signs that we relegate to the fringes of our consciousness. How can we learn to control this cycle, and what can we learn from this process about ourselves?

Mindell asserts that in order to utilize the power of dreaming we must “catch the seeds of dreaming” while awake; we must “become aware of every moment,” noticing subtle feelings before they unfold and become differentiated into the ideas and emotions that occur in night dreams, often manifesting later as symptoms of mental illness. Mindell gives dreaming new importance in the context of mystical traditions, quantum physics, and Western psychology, and provides powerful dreaming applications (including many ingenious and revealing step-by-step exercises) for body work, chronic symptom work, and relationship/group therapies.

Dreaming While Awake is full of crisp insights and provocations characteristic of Mindell’s curious genius. Some topics explored include lucidity training, advanced physics and divination, “deep purple Buddhism,” not-working on yourself, touch and entanglement, addictions and relationships, the ancient spiritual practice of becoming a diamond, and the political incorrectness of dreaming.

Everything you notice is a point in the outline of the Big You... Seeing your whole Self is fun; it is almost child’s play…

Everywhere you look is You, spread throughout time and space. If you do not marginalize sentient experience, you see the face of God even when you look in the mirror….

When you are lucid for (at least) a moment, you can delight in the Dreaming, the source of reality. And you also delight in that horrible and spectacular diversity, that reality of contrasts called this world.

Among Arnold Mindell’s other books are Dreambody and Quantum Mind.

Publisher’s Description: 

What if you could dream 24 hours a day, even while awake? According to innovative psychotherapist Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., we already do. The seeds of dreaming arise in every moment of the day, in body symptoms, problems, relationships, subtile feelings, interactions, random thoughts, and fantasies. We're getting countless little cues from the unconscious every minute. All are signs from the world of dreaming. And, according to Mindell, we can be in this state of lucid dreaming all day long.

In Dreaming While Awake, Mindell shows how to become aware of these "flirts" from the dreamworld and how to interpret their message. The goal, he says, is to be wide awake and lucid 24 hours a day in the midst of this unending dreamfield of information.

Practicing 24-hour lucid dreaming:

  • Helps you solve personal, physical, and emotional problems
  • Serves as a preventive medicine for relationships and health, helping you catch the earliest warning signs before they turn into problems
  • Helps resolve conflicts in relationships, families, large groups, corporations, even politics

Dreaming is the mystical source of reality, says Mindell. "My goal is to make the Dreaming roots of reality so accessible, so visceral, that your conscious mind will give you back your right to dream."

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