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Dzog Chen and Zen

Paperback Book
Blue Dolphin
January, 1987
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A brief booklet outlining the relationship and similarities and differences between Chan (or Zen) and Dzogchen - both direct, "sudden" or non-gradual approaches to enlightenment. This brief lecture was originally given at the University of California, Berkeley in 1981.

The principle of the Dzogchen teaching is that self-perfectedness, the already-being-perfect of every individual. Self-perfectedness means that the so-called objective is nothing else than the manifetation of the energy of the primordial state of the individual himself. An individual who practices Dzogchen must possess clear knowledge of the principle of energy and what it means....We have a very important example of a great master, Yunton Dorje Pal, who was a great Dzogchen master. One day a visitor came to him, and said, "You Dzogchen practitioners, you're always doing meditation, right? And the master replied to him, "What am I supposed to be meditating on?, because meditating already implies that you are doing something, that there is some kind of concept involved. "Ah", said the visitor, "then you practitioners of Dzogchen don't meditate?" And this time the master replied, "When am I ever distracted?" In these two answers you can also find the conclusion of Dzogchen.

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