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The Earth Chronicles Handbook

A Comprehensive Guide to the Seven Books of The Earth Chronicles
Hardcover Book
Bear & Company
May, 2009
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Offering detailed information about the myriad characters and subjects covered by The Earth Chronicles series, this book provides an encyclopedic compendium of the myths and events from humanity's ancient civilizations.The Earth Chronicles series, a historical and archaeological adventure into the origins of mankind and planet Earth, began with the publication of the bestselling The 12th Planet. The series is based on the premise that the myths from the world's earliest civilizations were in fact recollections of actual events and that the gods of ancient peoples were visitors to Earth from another planet--the Anunnaki, inhabitants of the 12th planet. The series' books include The 12th Planet, The Stairway to Heaven, The Wars of Gods and Men, The Lost Realms, When Time Began, The Cosmic Code, and The End of Days, all products of the author's unmatched study of the ancient records of Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, Israel, and Egypt and the civilizations of pre-Columbian America. Unearthing the hidden history of Earth and mankind, the series uses the past to unveil the meaning of the prophesied future.

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