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Eat for Energy

How to Beat Fatigue, Supercharge Your Mitochondria, and Unlock All-Day Energy
Paperback Book
Hay House
April, 2022
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Publisher’s Description: 

A deep dive into the underlying cellular cause of chronic fatigue, burnout, and brain fog, with a framework for restoring cognitive function, alertness, and an abundance of energy.

Chronic fatigue, burnout, brain foghowever you want to call it, we as a society suffer from a constant feeling of being drained. From our families to ourselves to our work to our quality of life, a deficit of energy affects all that we hold dear.

There is a solution. But it doesnt lie in our preconceived notions around caffeine intake, adrenal fatigue, or overhauling our lifestyle in a time-consuming and unrealistic way. And it isnt a problem with our mind, competency, or motivation. Instead, the core underlying cause lies in our cells, more specifically, in our mitochondrial deficiency. When our cellular energy centers of mitochondria are suffering, our liver cells cant detoxify us, our heart cells cant replenish and invigorate us, and our gut cells cant process our food.

The Energy Blueprint is a clear framework for reclaiming your energy, brainpower, and well-being created by Ari Whitten, CES, PES, and functional health practitioner. With simple, actionable tweaks to nutrition, sleep, and your daily habits, you will be able to get your mitochondria out of defense mode and into a state of optimal performance.

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