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Eckhart Tolle's Music To Quiet The Mind

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Music CD
Sounds True
October, 2008
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Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, speaks for the quiet mind, and he’s now put together a music CD—a hand-selected collection of his favorite pieces to transport you to the space and beauty of the Now.  Purposefully sequenced for a grounding and calming effect, Eckhart Tolle’s Music to Quiet the Mind offers a golden thread into the vast spaciousness and power of presence.

Music bypasses the conceptual mind. Music does not give you food for thought, and no single note lasts for long. Every sound, whether produced by the human voice or an instrument, comes out of the silence and quickly disappears back into the silence. In that sense, music can be considered the most ephemeral, the most impermanent, of all art forms. Silence not only surrounds every sound, but also interpenetrates it.

Among his spacious selections are Deva Premal’s “Incantation” and “Om Hraum Mitraya”; Benjy Wertheimer’s raga-like “Threshold Between Worlds”; Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”; a modern version of Erik Satie’s “Gnossienne 3”; a long excerpt from Steve Roach’s “Structures from Silence”; the pure and healing sounds of Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechog; and other pieces by Kip Mazuy, Jeff Johnson, and David Sun. The finale is a touching version of Lennon & McCartney’s “Let it Be” played by Maneesh de Moor.

All these artists are familiar with the realm of inner stillness and are able to create or perform from that dimension and thus bring it into this world. This is why each piece of music has a certain magic to it. Each piece is eminently suitable for reducing or eliminating the activity of thought in you, the listener. For this to work, however, there needs to be a willingness on your part to give your full attention to the sounds and to receive them in a state of relaxed alertness. Then, let the sounds work their magic on you; let them take you deeper into stillness.

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