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The Eden Project

In Search of the Magical Other: A Jungian Perspective on Relationship
Paperback Book
Inner City
September, 1998
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The Eden Project is a timely and thought-provoking corrective to the generalized fantasies about relationships that permeate our culture. This is not a practical guide on how to fix a relationship, but rather a challenge to greater personal responsibility in relationships, a call for “personal growth as opposed to the fantasy of rescue through others.”

Its premises may be disappointing to some, and as a matter of fact I don’t care much for them myself, but they are, I believe, more practical and more ethical than the many alternatives that float through our popular culture.

Displaying an experienced Jungian analyst’s road-tested insights into the functions, meaning, and possibilities of our search for the “magical other” in relationships, James Hollis offers extended reflections worthy of careful chewing on

ª  Eros, Projection and the Magical Other

ª  Becoming Conscious of Eros Wounds

ª  Taking Care of the Caretaking Business

ª  Four Principles of Relationship

ª  Eros in Organizations

ª  The Spindrift Gaze Toward Paradise

and various other perspectives on love, relationship, and soul.

If there is a single idea which permeates this essay it is that the quality of all our relationships is a direct function of our relationship to ourselves. Since much of our relationship to ourselves operates at an unconscious level, most of the drama and dynamics of our relationships to others and to the transcendent is expressive of our own personal psychology. The best thing we can do for our relationships with others, and with the transcendent, then, is to render our relationship to ourselves more conscious.

This is not a narcissistic activity. In fact, it will prove to be the most loving thing we can do for the Other. The greatest gift to others is our own best selves. Thus, paradoxically, if we are to serve relationship well, we are obliged to affirm our individual journey.

Also by James Hollis are The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife and Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places.

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