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The Egyptian Book of Living and Dying

The Illustrated Guide to Ancient Egyptian Wisdom
Paperback Book
Book Sales, Inc.
January, 2012
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At the heart of ancient Egypts civilization lay its highly complex religion, which evolved, expanded and diversified over more than 3,000 years. In addition to the astonishing cultural legacy of artifacts and burial sites that the ancient Egyptians left behind, there is also a rich body of compelling writings about the quest for immortality and humankinds progress from birth to death and into the mysterious realm of the afterlife, which they called the Underworld. This book delves into the beliefs and practices of the Egyptian priesthood and its role in placating the gods and preserving the immortality of the dead. It reveals the mysteries of the ancient Egyptians fascinating and amazingly diverse belief system, with its emphasis on ritual funerary cults.

The Egyptian Book of Living and Dying traces the stages of life from conception to the life beyond the tomb. This cycle is set against the eternal backdrop of the cosmos the gods, the movement of the sun, the symbolism of the stars, and the great battles of Horus and Seth. Particular emphasis is given to the journey of the soul and the hazardous voyage as described in the Book of the Dead that it makes through the Underworld in search of the eternal paradise. At the heart of the book are the key themes of creation, magic, ritual and eternity, each treated in a series of superbly illustrated explorations. The result is an illuminating hardcover work for all those who wish to move one step closer to the spirit of the ancient Egyptians.

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