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Elementary Treatise of Occult Science

Understanding the Theories and Symbols Used by the Ancients, the Alchemists, the Astrologers, the Freemasons, and the Kabbalists
Hardcover Book
December, 2018
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Papus' Elementary Treatise on Occult Science was one of the most influential books in the modern history of occultism. Never before published in English, this work explores a fascinating interpretation of the history of the world and it develops a powerful approach to decoding esoteric symbolism, a crucial skill for contemporary occultists. Papus (Dr. Gerard Encausse) also provides a stunning analysis of ancient mysteries including Hermeticism, Kabbalah, theurgy, magic, alchemy, theosophy, sacred geometry, the tetragrammaton, the pyramids, and much more. This premium hardcover edition will open the contemporary occultist's eyes to the ideas of one of history's most profound magical thinkers.

The foreword is by John Michael Greer: "The imaginary history of the world Papus presents is meant to be read and interpreted symbolically... As a general rule, in fact, it's never safe to approach any occult text with the assumption that its surface meaning is the only one that matters, and with Papus, such a simplistic approach is guaranteed to miss his subtler points. Apply the skills Papus teaches to the literature of the occult, and a great deal of unexpected insight and subtle lore becomes available."

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