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Embrace, Release, Heal

An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer
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Paperback Book
Sounds True
April, 2011
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After her third cancer diagnosis in three years, Leigh Fortson was given few options by her doctors and little hope. For weeks, she mourned the life she thought she was losing—until she was introduced to an idea that changed everything: Our thoughts and emotions influence every cell in our body. This revelation gave her the hope that would begin her journey to becoming cancer free and more joyful than she’d ever been before.



Embrace, Release, Heal shares her inspirational story and the fruits of her research in one empowering book. Created to help anyone whose life has been affected by cancer, this in-depth resource offers interviews with both allopathic and integrative medical experts; remarkable accounts from people who transcended “terminal cancer” and are now thriving, snapshots of progressive treatment techniques; and insights into other key factors that can affect well-being—including thoughts, emotions, and diet.



A good creed to keep in mind: “Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” I believe this, and I hope to take it at least one step further by suggesting that cancer is an opportunity not only to live life fully, but also to empower ourselves to heal on every level.



“Leigh Fortson has journeyed through territory where many will eventually go—the land of cancer. She has returned a very wise woman whose insights will empower anyone with this diagnosis. The stories and interviews are full of hope and meaning.” —Larry Dossey, author of The Science of Premonitions



“At last! In Embrace, Release, Heal we have testimony that proves that the healing of cancer involves the psychosomatic network of energy, mind, and spirit. Leigh Fortson is so courageous, not only for surviving her ordeal but also for standing up to the cancer docs where were shocked by the independent thinking and bold decisions that led to her recovery. This is a gripping, compassionate, and well-researched exposé that I hope will revolutionize cancer treatment.” —Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion






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