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Emmanuel's Book Iii

What is an Angel Doing Here?
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Paperback Book
October, 1994
$28.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

The teachings in this book are offered

to ease the way from forgetting

back into the light of your remembered

Divinity, your angelhood.

I want to promise you that there is a way.

Waste not one more moment

in your obedience to fear.

Fear was the vehicle for entering the illusion.

Love is the way Home.

The first two Emmanuel books have become the most widely-read channeled spiritual books since Jane Roberts’ The Nature of Personal Reality and Seth Speaks. It was Ram Dass who brought “this spook” into public attention, providing an introduction to the first books. He says, “In all of this there is nothing really new. It’s all been said before somewhere or other in the mystic literature. Emmanuel himself points this out and says that we are not in need of any new information. We already have everything we need. But though it’s all been said before, we need to hear it again and again, and to hear it in terms appropriate to the current context or ‘zeitgeist’ in which we find ourselves. Emmanuel does that wonderfully well. . . . I can only hope for you that Emmanuel will serve you as a spiritual friend as well as he has served me.”

The message in Emmanuel’s Book III is “You are an Angel first. You are a human being second,” telling us not about a mystical creature “out there,” but about the marvelous, powerful being “in here,” the eternal omnipresent Angel who is always with us and waiting to be found.

For there is nothing you do not already know in that secret, holy place within you where the Angel dwells.

Channelled through Pat Rodegast, Emmanuel’s startlingly hip words convey the challenge and reassurance of our ultimate immortality and a keen awareness of the daily struggles of being human. Chapter titles include The Fog of Familiarity, Some Categories of Human Confusion, The Angel’s Descent into Darkness, and Multidimensional Travelers.

Remind yourselves,

“This moment belongs to me.

My history may have belonged to others

and my future I have yet to create.

This moment is mine.

It is the only thing that exists

in the universe.

All else is illusion.

All else is dream.”

Included are Emmanuel’s simple meditations and exercises for shifting our perspective from fear to love, and for expanding our consciousness of divine purpose.

Also available are the earlier books:

·    Emmanuel’s Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos

·    Emmanuel’s Book II: The Choice for Love

Publisher’s Description: 

Continuing the popular teachings begun in the first twoEmmanuelbooks, a beautifully illustrated volume offers Emmanuel's answers to difficult questions, his gentle but often surprising advice, his views on immortality, and his awareness of human struggles.

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