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Emotional Chaos to Clarity

Paperback Book
July, 2013
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At age 40, Moffitt, owner of Esquire, left to “explore the inner life.” After drifting with no clear direction, he moved from New York to California, went on many meditation retreats, underwent Jungian analysis, and founded the Life Balance Institute. Now a mindfulness meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Center in California, Phillip Moffitt’s first book was Dancing with Life.

Grounded in Western psychology and Buddhist philosophy, each chapter in this new book introduces a mind state that prevents us from living skillfully, narrates stories from Moffitt’s hundreds of students and clients, and provides step-by-step exercises for readers to find clarity in their own lives. Among the many benefits of skillful living are being able to gain wisdom from both pleasant and unpleasant experiences and having an inner life that can flourish, even if our outer life is filled with difficulty.

Part one, “Practices That Empower You to Achieve Clarity,” helps the reader connect with what matters most. The second section, “Developing Skillful Behaviors,” focuses on goals that enable one to confront life more effectively and authentically. The third part, “Removing the Sources of Chaos,” examines why people behave unskillfully and cause suffering for themselves and others.

Emotional Chaos to Clarity describes emotional chaos as a reaction to negative life situations rather than an honest and clear response. He shows how a proactive response, using the skills of mindfulness and intention, can transform life’s challenges into opportunities for growth. Through Moffitt’s explanations, exercises, and assessments, readers can cultivate the practices of “skillful living,” such as learning to let go of expectations, ending the cycle of self-violence, and living life with gratitude.

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