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An Endless Trace

The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West
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Paperback Book
August, 2010
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Christopher Bamford, editor-in-chief of SteinerBooks and Lindisfarne Press, has written the great work on the Christian esoteric tradition that his admirers have long known he harbored. Arising from his more than twenty-year affair with the wisdom tradition of the West, An Endless Trace offers a feast of essays devoted to the myriad paths of the Christian life—to which he restores Beauty, revitalizing depth and a lively clarity. Among the essay titles are Orpheus’s Perpetual Return, The Love that Moves the Stars, Washing the Feet, What Ails Thee?  and Our Daily Bread.

There is a new mood abroad. It is a kind of heart’s need for a renewal of religion, a yearning for what religion should and once did provide, a seamless vessel of meaning within which to live, move, and have our being… “Everything that lives is holy,” said Blake. When we seek Sophia, it is the presence of this renewing, sacramental vision we seek.

He gives us a great gift by exploring the lives and teachings of those whose field of study is the inner life and how best to awaken it. This illuminated galaxy of proto-Christian and Christian pioneers, who have labored mainly on or beyond the outermost reaches of the great orthodox mainstream of the Church, includes such figures as Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Marsilio Ficino, Angelus Silesius, Pico della Mirandola, Christian Rosenkreutz, Novalis, and others. He shows how the hermetic tradition, despite its obscure language, actually aims at the return of the human being and of the entire cosmos to native purity and innocence.

“Whether examining the nature of food as sacrifice and offering, the lyrical holiness of the Celtic Church, the mysteries of the Rosy Cross, the relationship of walking to prayer, the love mysticism of the Troubadours, or Goethe’s thoughts on the evolution of consciousness… Bamford plants seeds for that transformation of the human being and the cosmos toward which all creation yearns.” —from the foreword by Philip Zaleski

 “Bamford writes under the sign of Hermes and in the tradition of the great spiritual romantics Novalis, Goethe, and Blake. At heart, his work, like theirs, embodies the mystical currents of Christianity. We are fortunate indeed to have such a voice in times like these.” —Arthur Versluis, author of Wisdom’s Children

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