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The Energetic Dimension

Understanding Our Karmic, Ancestral and Cultural Imprints
Paperback Book
December, 2019
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We are energy; our bodies, as well as all matter, are merely slowed down energy. We all have an energetic body that houses all our memories and experiences of all our lifetimes. We absorb energies from our families, our previous incarnations as well as from the culture in which we live. These energies often mask who we truly are and may block us from developing our true potential. Ways to recognize and work with these imprints are at the heart of the book. The Energetic Dimension offers a new paradigm for the West as to how we function as humans. It is a paradigm that is intuitively known by us but has not to date been articulated as it has in this book. This book explores the energetic web in which we are encased, ways to cultivate its strengths, and heal and remove the negative aspects of unwanted energies. The goal is to be able to shed the layers that block us from truly experiencing our core essence and who we truly are.

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