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Energy Tapping

How to Rapidly Eliminate Anxiety, Depression, Craving, and More Using Energy Psychology
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Paperback Book
New Harbinger
August, 2008
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Imagine if you could think about a problem that you have been struggling with, tap with your fingers at key locations on your face, torso, and hands, and then experience the problem suddenly vanish, all within a matter of a few minutes.

Energy Tapping is a wonderful guide to the power of our own bodies. Your body’s energy system is a powerful force. When out of balance or disrupted, stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions can take hold.

This book shows you how to create customized energy-tapping programs to reduce the impact of negative thoughts and feelings, improve your performance at work, lose weight, eliminate addictions and unproductive patterns of behavior, develop a satisfying romantic relationship, and more. Because each energy tapping exercise takes less than a minute to complete, you can use these techniques anytime to instantly balance your energy and boost your confidence.

Although the process of energy psychology was developed using applied kinesiology, muscle testing is not required in order to use the techniques in this book. We’ve analyzed various types of problems and through extensive clinical experience we’ve provided you with treatment sequences for every issue examined in this book. As you will learn, tapping with your fingers on different meridian points will, in most cases, successfully treat each condition or problem.

Energy Tapping makes these new and highly effective techniques widely available. You will find energy tapping to be rapid, painless, thorough, and actually quite enjoyable. One client referred to it as “acupuncture for the soul.”

A major revision of the essential self-help book for energy psychology, Energy Tapping, Second Edition, offers the latest developments in this exciting field.

Fred Gallo is a licensed psychologist who offers professional training in Advanced Energy Psychology. He has authored several books, including Energy Tapping for Trauma and the clinical book Energy Psychology.

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New chapters in this revision address stopping allergy attacks, overcoming overeating, and sustaining passion in relationships.

Energy psychology is an approach that allows individuals to literally tap into their own energy systems, balance them, and begin to live free of nagging emotional pain, self-sabotage, and unresolved issues. According to the authors, these self-administered, acupuncture-based techniques are so effective that other treatments, such as therapy and medication, may not be necessary.A major revision of the essential self-help book for energy psychology, Energy Tapping, Second Edition, offers the latest developments in this exciting field.

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