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Energy Tapping For Trauma

Rapid Relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Using Energy Psychology
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Paperback Book
New Harbinger
August, 2007
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Energy psychology is a scientifically validated body of research and core set of treatment techniques that conceptualizes thoughts, feelings, emotions, and other psychological phenomena as manifestations of energy working though the system of the human body. If some psychological phenomenon is causing pain, distress, or a lack of function to an individual, the somatic techniques of energy psychology work to disrupt the flow of energy causing that phenomenon.

One of the more common techniques in the energy psychology repertoire is called energy tapping, a practice, similar to acupressure, that involves manipulating and tapping certain points along the body’s energy meridians to influence psychological events. Author Fred Gallo developed energy tapping into a self-care program for a variety of common psychological complaints in his book Energy Tapping. Now, in this new book, he applies the technique specifically to recovering from acute trauma and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Energy Tapping for Trauma offers a concise overview of how trauma affects us and why certain aspects of traumatic experience can linger as post-traumatic stress. The book adapts energy psychology techniques into simple, effective strategies for “short-circuiting” the emotional problems associated with trauma. Throughout, the book advocates for a balanced and sensible “whole-person” approach to dealing with and recovering from a traumatic event.

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Psychologist Fred Gallo, a pioneer in the emerging field of energy psychology, offers techniques for tapping into the body's energy system to cope with acute trauma and post-traumatic stress. The Canadian Mental Health Association reports that one in 10 people have post-traumatic stress disorder, and studies suggest that energy psychology techniques can be more effective at relieving symptoms than traditional therapies. Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins writes the foreword.

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