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Enlightening Tales

Paperback Book
Integral Yoga
June, 1996
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Here are some favourite teaching stories from one of the most respected Yoga masters and ecumenical leaders in the world today. Swamiji’s teaching style combines simplicity, directness, and easeful good humor, reflecting the natural authority of his deep experience. Culled from talks he has given over many years, these stories serve to illustrate and clarify his universal message of peace and understanding.

“This collection of Swamiji’s Enlightening Tales was put together for children, including those of us who reside in grown-up bodies. If you are not seeking enlightenment, don’t worry—the stories will entertain you, and my guess is that enlightenment will find you anyway. The stories are derived from India’s cultural heritage, but each has a lesson which holds true universally whatever your religious or cultural background.” from the foreword by Carole King

Some titles of the tales include: “A Drop of Honey,” “As You Think, So You Become,” “The Butcher and the Yogi,” “How to Build a Temple,” “The Boy Who Made God Eat His Pudding,” “The Man Who Did Nothing,” “How to Stop an Elephant,” and “The Demon and the Curly Hair.” Each story concludes with a brief comment on the essential teaching of that tale. The colour paintings illustrating the tales are vivid, and detailed in the style of Indian miniatures.

Spiritual practices are like nice sticks to get rid of all our “lice”—all our attachments and undesirable habits. They help to free us from all that binds us, so that we can attain liberation.

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