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Esoterism as Principle and as Way

A New Translation with Selected Letters
Paperback Book
World Wisdom
September, 2019
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Frithjof Schuons perspective of pure esoterism focuses on the inward and universal dimension of religion, also referred to as the sophia perennis (perennial wisdom). His works provide invaluable keys to understanding the formal contradictions between the worlds religions as well as their transcendent unity. In Esoterism as Principle and as Way readers will discover the essential truth that lies at the heart of the worlds religions, as well as the role of prayer, virtue, and beauty in the spiritual life. This revised edition of Schuons writings on esoterism features a fully revised translation from the French original as well as over 60 pages of new material, including previously unpublished selections from the authors letters and other private writings, an editors preface, editors notes, a glossary of foreign terms and phrases, an index, and biographical notes.

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