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The Essence of the Heart Sutra

The Dalai Lama's Heart of Wisdom Teachings
Paperback Book
August, 2005
$19.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

For more than two thousand years, the Heart Sutra has been part of the daily life of millions of Buddhists. This concise text, so rich and laden with meaning, concentrates the very heart of Buddhism into a powerful and evocative teaching on the interdependence of all reality.

The Heart Sutra contains Buddhism's most direct, most succinct teaching about the true nature of our own being and of all reality. These subtle and easily misunderstood teachings lie at the very heart of all Buddhist wisdom, and a thorough understanding of them is essential for attaining what the Dalai Lama calls “an unmistaken view of reality”—a view that brings about true liberation from the source of all suffering.

Clarifying the meaning of the Buddhist term “emptiness,” the Dalai Lama dispels misperceptions that it implies a nihilistic outlook or a philosophical view with no real implications in our lives, skillfully guiding the reader to a clear appreciation of a profound truth. Delivered to thousands of eager listeners in Mountain View, California in 2001, these teachings unfold through a series of increasingly subtle presentations, carefully building one atop another, in lucid language that will appeal to both readers with a great deal of familiarity with Buddhism and those with none at all.

The Essence of the Heart Sutra offers the Dalai Lama’s commentary as well as his easy-to-follow overview of Buddhist philosophy that places the sutra within its historical and philosophical context.

Publisher’s Description: 

In May, 2001, the Dalai Lama gave the Heart of Wisdom teachings to approximately 8,000 people over several days in San Jose, CA. Masterfully translated by Geshe Thupten Jinpa, the complete text of those teachings is included in this book, though the scope of the book extends beyond the event itself. His Holiness addresses common misconceptions regarding the Heart Sutra and shows how a deep understanding of emptiness and selflessness leads not to nihilism, but to compassion for others.

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