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The Essence of Karate

Hardcover Book
June, 2013
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Karate's prodigious rise from obscure, secretive Okinawan self-defense techniques to one of Japan's most revered and recognizable martial traditions can be attributed to one manGichin Funakoshi, the Father of Modern Karate. While karate's origins remain shrouded in mystery, Funakoshi worked tirelessly his whole life to spread his message of spirituality, and the importance of winning without fighting. Karate today has devotees from all over the world.
In The Essence of Karate, Funakoshi creates in his own words a narrative of modern karate, from its origins to its very essence, drawing on his vast personal insight and myriad experiences. His work describes a fascinating picture of this martial art, including memories of his training since childhood, and his own recollections and stories of many karate masters. Funakoshi strives to emphasize throughout these pages that true victory lies in not fighting, and, as well as exploring the philosophy of karate, he explains the reason why many great martial artists improve with age.
The book includes a foreword by Hirokazu Kanazawa, one of Funakoshi's closest disciples, who fondly remembers his former master through endearing anecdotes that shed more light on Funakoshi's legendary status. This book will offer the reader a unique perspective on the history and art of karate as told through the eyes of its venerable master. Through careful perusal of these pages, the reader will come closer to understanding the very essence of karate.
"In the past, masters would first look at the character of potential students before agreeing to teach them. Those whose natures were deemed inappropriate, even in the case of one's own child, were strictly forbidden from re-ceiving training in the martial arts. Conversely, through karate, it was possible to pacify those with a violent tempe-rament."
"Teachers at the schools where I teach speak to me at great length about their students who train in karate, telling me about how they have become more restrained in their behavior. For me, such stories are a source of pride and satisfaction." Gichin Funakoshi

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