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The Essential Mystics

The Soul's Journey into Truth
Paperback Book
March, 1997
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Whether it’s based on the Buddhist vision of the Bodhisattva or the Christian concept of service, the mystic’s journey is one taken on behalf of all humanity—and that journey is the same in all traditions. This wide range of selections brings readers the essential themes and personalities of the mystic experience. Beautifully introduced with practical analysis and vital historical information, The Essential Mystics offers thematically grouped extracts from many traditions, including Buddhist, Sikh, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Hopi, Aborigine, and Kogi. Reflected throughout this feast is Andrew Harvey’s conviction that spiritual activity holds the key to political and social transformation in our time.

Andrew Harvey is the outspoken and eloquently poetic author of many books, among them Hidden Journey, Return of the Mother, and The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi.

Publisher’s Description: 

From the celebrated scholar and lecturer Andrew Harvey, a fascinating and inspiring introduction to the essential texts and themes of the great mystics.

Not merely a feast of the greatest and wisest mystical revelations, 'The Essential Mystics' iFrom Buddha to Christ, the mystic’s journey involves the direct, unmediated encounter with the presence of an almost unfathomable mystery. Here are thematically grouped extracts from the major wisdom traditions, including the Way of Tao, the Way of Beauty (Ancient Greece), the Way of Love in Action (Christianity), and many others. Each is beautifully introduced with insightful analysis.

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