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Essential Oil Mugwort

Body Care + Essential Oils
October, 2020
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Mugwort, also called Armoise, is a strong essential oil that, while it has its place, should be used with caution. This type is considered the safest of the Mugwort essential oils and can be used in very small amounts for respiratory concerns and to add depth to a blend intended for fragrance purposes.

Name of Oil: Mugwort (Armoise)
Latin Binomial: Artemesia herba/alba
Extraction Method: Steam Countries of Origin: Morocco
Scent Profile: herbaceous, fresh, bittersweet, campherous
Parts used in distillation: Leaves
Oil Characteristics: clear to yellow, thin, strong aroma
Chemical Constituents: beta-thujone, alpha thujone, borneone
History: Traditionally used for respiratory concerns Applications: respiratory concerns Emotional Use: stress
Safety Data: Use with extreme care. Avoid use in children, pregnancy, and epileptics.


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