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The Essential Poet's Glossary

Paperback Book
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
April, 2017
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The Essential Poet's Glossary mines an extraordinary achievement and major addition to the literature of poetry, A Poet's Glossary , for its very best pearls and gems. Edward Hirsch's sparkling new work is a compilation of forms, devices, movements, aesthetics, rhetorical terms, and folklore-a book that all readers, writers, teachers, and students of poetry will return to over and over again.

Knowing how a poem works is essential to unlocking its meaning. Hirsch's entries will deepen readers' relationships with their favorite poems and open greater levels of understanding in each new poem they encounter. Shot through with the enthusiasm, authority, and sheer delight that made How to Read a Poem so beloved, this Essential edition of a new classic will ensure that it is available to the broadest possible readership.

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